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Lithium-ion Battery Method of Use


Lithium batteries belong to durable goods, do not need to be equipped with expensive original seat charge, generally have a brand of ordinary seat charge can be, the price is 15-20 yuan, eliminating the need to rely on mobile phone direct charge restrictions.The charging of the seat is divided into quick charging (2-3 hours or so) and slow charging (10 hours or so). It is better to choose quick charging if there are more batteries.In addition, because of the characteristics of lithium batteries, there is no need for discharge and overcharge operations.The life of a battery depends entirely on how long it can be recharged.That said, even if you start charging at half the cost, it doesn't matter.

1. Cognitive memory effectBattery memory effect refers to the reversible failure of the battery, that is, the performance of the battery can be restored after the failure.Memory effect refers to the tendency of a battery to automatically maintain a specific working cycle after a long period of time.This is first defined in nickel-cadmium batteries, which have no memory effect in bag batteries and memory effect in sintered batteries. Nickel-metal hydrogen (commonly known as nickel-metal hydride) batteries are not subject to this memory effect definition.

Recommendation 1: discharging the battery before each charge is unnecessary and harmful because the battery life is reduced unnecessarily.Recommendation 2: it is not advisable to use a resistor to connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery for discharging. The current cannot be controlled, and it is easy to put it into 0V, or even cause the polarity reversal of the battery pack in series.

2. The battery needs to be activatedLithium ion battery before leaving the factory to go through the following process: lithium-ion battery shell to instill the electrolyte - seal - into, is the constant voltage charge, and then discharge, so for several cycles, the electrode fully infiltrates the electrolyte, fully activated, in so far, capacity requirements - this is the activation process capacity, is to test the capacity of the battery to select different performance (capacity) classifies the battery, to differentiate the level of the battery, the capacity matching, etc. So the lithium ion battery to user hand is already activated.The battery factory delivered the battery to the user, this time may be very long, as short as 1 month, as long as half a year, at this time, because the battery electrode material will be passivated, so the manufacturer suggested that the battery for the first time to use the best 3-5 full charging process, in order to eliminate the passivated electrode material, to reach the maximum capacity.

3. The first three times need not be charged for 12 hoursEarly mobile phone nickel-metal hydride batteries required replenishment and trickle-down charging, so it might take about 5 hours to reach the most perfect charging state, but it didn't take 12 hours.The constant current and constant voltage charging characteristics of lithium ion batteries determine that its deep charging time does not need 12 hours.

4. Is the Rechargeable Battery in the best conditionNickel-based batteries are in optimum condition and generally reach their maximum capacity between 100 and 200 cycles.For liquid lithium-ion batteries, there is no such a hump of circulating capacity.Lithium-ion batteries are not in the best condition.

5. The higher the charging current, the faster the chargingFor lithium ion battery charging, within a certain current range (1.5c -- 0.5c), increasing the constant current value of constant current and constant voltage charging method cannot shorten the charging time of lithium ion battery.

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